In the beginning… there was wine

“We should totally just go travelling… just definitely do it.” I drunkenly slur into my wine glass at four in the morning, knowing with absolute certainty that all the world’s best ideas are born of a mix of alcohol and unsociable hours.
Alex smiles and nods appeasing, staring wistfully past me at the door, where freedom and his bed await, blocked only by the impenetrable barrier of the over-enthusiasm of a 25 year old girl a bottle or two in.
“No, no we definitely should! I mean we’ve been here three days, and you haven’t even annoyed me” (awkward silence where Alex does not reciprocate) “it would be amaazzzing.”
We were nearing the end of our weekend break in Berlin, the last day of which we were almost entirely housebound on account of the fact it absolutely p*ssed it down and nothing was open, rendering us forced to stock up on alcohol and retreat to the apartment for drinks and the much loved German card game Skat…. yes, Skat. Despite this, I fancied us seasoned travellers and with our new found expertise coupled with that sicky feeling in my stomach at the thought of going back to reality (or was that the wine?), I felt we were ready to take the next step.
Alex consents that we should definitely ‘look into it’, at this point clearly happy to agree to anything that would get him a couple of hours sleep before our early flight. This is in vain however, as I have already fallen asleep stretched across the sofa and him, leaving him pinned in an uncomfortable upright position underneath a dead weight, snoring in a distinctly unfeminine way.
Ever the gentleman, Alex endures this and my grouchiness the following day, assuming that thoughts of travelling had been lost in a sea of grape-induced amnesia.
Oh how very wrong he was…


We have now (finally!) set up our blog and are tapping away on our keyboards in not so sunny Moscow, where we arrived this morning and therefore can officially call this a travelling blog! I know some people (mostly my mum) were particularly excited about seeing what we were up to, and hopefully it will amount to slightly more than a Buzzfeed ’12 Things NEVER to do while you’re travelling’…. although as we type this my luggage is still lost somewhere in Belgium, hopefully enjoying better weather than we are here.

Very snug on the plane thank you Simon!!

Honestly at this stage we haven’t actually done that much so aside from saying a friendly hello and finally launching, there isn’t a huge amount left to add. Initial impressions of Moscow is that it is quirky and in places very beautiful, and definitely not the ‘Unfriendliest City in the World’ as claimed by Travel Man! We had delicious dumplings today at Лепим и варим where they rolled the dumplings right in front of you – the speed and precision with which they did it was amazing, not to mention the taste! We meant to take a video of them in action but got distracted by scoffing the results… must do better at this blogging thing.


Alex and I admiring the scenery

Off to Red Square tomorrow, so if we remember to actually take some photos we will be in touch with an update shortly!


2 thoughts on “In the beginning… there was wine

  1. Great first go you two will show it to your dad when I get home from work. Please take loads of pics and hope the luggage turns up soon xx


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