Travelling Month One: A Statistical Review and Analysis

We have been away a full calendar month now (and still not killed one another, what were the odds on that?!), stepping foot in 5 countries across 2 continents, and travelling a distance of 8150 miles.

During this time we have had massive highs, and seen some amazing things, but of course these have been peppered with the odd crisis here and there as well! When we set off we had thought it would be plain sailing from September 5th, but we have been surprised at how much planning and researching our adventure has actually taken, for which I would like to request a moments silence in gratitude of the magic of wifi.

Listed below is a brief summary of the highlights of the last month, and some choice statistics for your enjoyment.

Mel Alex Notes
Shoes Sent to Footwear Heaven 1 1 RIP Fauxboks and Sandals that were actually comfy, we knew ye well
Severe Timekeeping Discrepencies 1 2 See upcoming Atonement blog
Pool Games Won 12 15 Ongoing scoring, non-representative
Awful Travel Attire Purchased 2 1 2 x ugly elephant trousers (Alex’s are ORANGE), 1 pair shorts
Times Accosted by Monkeys 1 1 Mel used as climbing frame, Alex robbed and left to dehydrate on monkey hill
Ripped off by Locals ???? ???? God, who knows at this point
Times Caught Locals Ripping Us Off 1 0 Cheeky buggar!
Hangovers 2 3 Self explanatory, stupid buckets
Buckets Drunk 8 (-1*) 7 *Self explanatory, stupid buckets
Injuries 0 5 Oh, I’m sure Alex will tell you allllll about them
Litres Sweated 10000 2 Mels are not endemic to this climate
Number of Bugs (Intentionally) Ingested 1 2 Self explanatory, stupid buckets
Furry Friends Made 14 7 Hop-along, Fluffy Dog, Ginger Cat, Presumptive Cat (who bullied Alex out of his chair, see before and after below), Mr White, Oscar, Lisa, Panang.. List goes on
New Pokemon Caught 5 1 I wanna be the very best..
Cups of Coffee Drunk 0 24 ….sigh…
Number of Thai/Russian/Malay Words Learned 0 1 ‘Jam’ is Malay for ‘Hours’. Ever a font of useful knowledge.



  • Moscow for surpassing all expectations – notably the walking tour and Soviet Arcade Museums,
  • Surprise trip up to Baiyoke Sky Tower (massive girlfriend points!),
  • Scuba – awesome diving, awesome people, and Alex not drowning either,
  • Bangkok-isms – Filling your belly with amazing street food for a couple of quid, fighting through the hustle and bustle to do so, and haggling down a crazy Tuk Tuk home, the experience as a whole, priceless.
  • The fact that there are geckos. EVERYWHERE!
  • Random Eric Cantona spot!
Ooh! Aah!


  • Two hours worth of suspence on the World’s slowest bus, counting down the minutes until the gate closed for our flight to Bangkok,
  • Alex injuring himself every single time he came within touching distance of salt water,
  • The Full Moon Party – we have already moaned enough about this in our last post so won’t bore you again,
  • The fact that we have been away a month, and shamefully have not learned a single word of any language (except that jam means hours in Malay. Helpful)
Crude bandaging attempt on one of Alex’s many injuries

We are absolutely having the time of our life, and have managed to do so coming just about underbudget. We are a little behind on uploading photos and posts about Phuket, Phi Phi, Koh Lanta and KL are in the making so we will get them out as soon as we can face battling with the WordPress app again. Our plans for October are spending the first two weeks in Malaysian Borneo, then flying to Java. We will then be making our way over land and by boat to Bali, and catching up with the lovely Stephanie Wong there!

Missing all our friends and family back home, one month down, eight (finances depending) to go!


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