About Us

Hello there! We’re Mel and Alex, and we’re very pleased that you’ve dropped by our humble corner of the internet to peruse our musings as we meander across South East Asia (with a smattering of Oceania thrown in for good measure).

If you’ve looked under this particular rock, you’re probably wondering who exactly we are. Well, if you were to wander past us in the street, we might look something like this…

… but just with a little less face paint and elephant trousers.

We’re two twenty-something Brits from South London (or, as often contested, Surrey), who have been lucky enough to spend a good portion of their time and savings on seeing a little bit more of the world around them. We’ve been accosted by pigeons in Moscow, delighted in street food in Bangkok, learnt to dive in Koh Tao, met orangutans and climed mountains in Borneo, watched fire dancing in Indonesia, witnessed an earthquake in New Zealand, sunned ourselves in Australia, lounged in Singaporean luxury, explored ancient temples in Cambodia, biked and hiked in Vietnam, floated down rivers in Laos and volunteered with rescued Elephants and Dogs in Chiang Mai.

And, moreover, we’ve been lucky enough to do it together 🙂 .

I’ll let you in on a little secret… we’re actually home now. Shh, don’t tell anyone! As we begin the great job search of 2017 and look forward to our next adventure in the world of work, we’ll be sure to post our thoughts on the final few stops of our trip. What’s more, travel on such a grand scale has really opened our eyes to the wonders that also exist on our doorstep. So stay tuned, there’s a little more to come yet!